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The V-DOSC speaker system. This 120,000 watt state-of-the-art system is complete with a proprietary flying system and is powered by L-Acoustics LA8’s, LA4’s, LA48a amplifiers. Among the many things that make this system so attractive is that by using computers, it’s actually focused, like lighting, to the venue’s dimensions. With minimal db looses of just over -10db over 200 metres, the V-DOSC speaker system is the most productive system out there. Two trained technicians can set up one stack, from two fly points, in under 30 minutes. What does all of this mean for you? Shorter set up time, minimal cabinets and less trucking space will equal major savings on your touring costs.

Join the ranks of Van Halen, Supertramp, Rod Stewart and Metallica who are all currently touring with the V-DOSC speaker system.

  • L’Acoustics  V-DOSC
  • L Acoustic Kara
  • L Acoustic SB18
  • L’Acoustics  dV-DOSC
  • L’Acoustics   SB218
  • L’Acoustics   SB28
  • L’Acoustics   ARCS
  • L’Acoustics   KIVA/KILO
  • L’Acoustics   HiQ-115
  • L’Acoustics  MTD 112
  • L’Acoustics  MTD 108
  • Extensive AVID Console Inventory, including S3L, S6L  Sc48’s and Profile’s
  • EV and 12 AM monitor wedges
  • Shure & Sennheiser wireless and IEM’s
  • Midas Pro2s
  • Midas Heritage 3000
  • Midas Heritage 4000
  • Large and small format (analog and digital)
  • Adamson Metrix
  • VTC line array


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Metalworks Production Group maintains a large inventory of lighting fixtures, rigging, ground support systems, trussing, power distribution, cabling, dimming, soft goods, computerized lighting, and all related accessories. We can provide full size concert lighting with scrollers, moving lights, motorized trussing and dimming, or we can provide portable lighting for smaller events. Our award-winning Lighting Staff has extensive experience in all areas of lighting; from Concerts and Industrials to Theatre and Corporate Events. Our professional staff can guide you through each aspect of your lighting requirements from initial design to final focus.


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Metalworks Production Group has a large variety of design options to suit any scale of event in video.  From professional camera packages, switching and control, to large LED walls, multiple projector blends and multi-layered, multi-format content manipulation, we can give your event the perfect look.  Our expert staff has extensive experience with all facets of video production.  We will help guide you from the first steps of pre-production design to the final steps of post-production editing at Metalworks Studios.  The Metalworks Group of companies  is your one-stop-shop for all things video.


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Drapery & Decor:

Metalworks Production Group has a unique vision when it comes to fabric design and drape for events.  We approach drape as an opportunity to make your event complete and add the visual statement that your audience will remember.  Whether creating elaborate backdrops of colour and texture or enclosing an entire convention centre with drape to give your event that intimate feel, Metalworks will help you attain that perfect event.  Our expert design team has extensive experience coming up with new and unique ways of giving your event the individuality that it needs.



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Portable Staging:

Staging risers by Smartstage have been designed with our clients requirements and demands in mind, dependability and toughness being key. Minmal parts required for assembly, modular, maximum resistance to corrosion, and designed for moving, our clients tell us that Smartstage stage risers are simply best in the business.

• Unique built in leg adjuster pin.
• Fast fold set-up, no loose parts
• Rated for 150 Lbs per Sq. ft.
• Variable height.
• Compatible with other systems.
• Indoor or outdoor use.

Fewer Parts Required for Setup

A unique design, requiring fewer support structures for setting up a stage, saves staging setup time, storage space, transportation costs and labour fees. It enables crew to install and change configuration easily and with flexibility.

When setup of the staging riser base is complete, other dressings can easility can be be applied to the stage for finishing. Skirting is easily slipped into place, with a railing simply clamped on. Smartstage riser stairs are easily added to the stage, as are ramps and other accessorries.

Fast Fold Frame

The staging riser fastfold frame allows for quick setup, folding out easily for setup, and quickly folded to be stored. Each leg allows for multi-leveling, allowing for changes in the height of ground support for the stage.

The top of each leg support provides an extension, allowing the height to be raised or lowered, and then simply locked into place with a spring loaded pin. The top of the extension allows for the unique Smartstage support node, which easily slips in the top; from a simple single support node, up to a four point node.


Available Accessories for Smartstage Riser Staging System





Smart Deck

Stage Comparison

Stage Comparison Chart
Portable Stage Tech Specifications


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Mobile Stages:

The wait is over! Now you can have fully hydraulic set-up at deck level for stage, sound, lighting equipment, banners and sets. A great piece of equipment just got that much better!




 Step 1

  • Level the trailer and lower the floor panels.
  • Easy hydraulic operation.


Step 2

  • Install sound, lighting equipment and banners at deck level. Attach up to 8,000 lbs to standard
  • 2″ tube trussing in roof. (3,630 kg to 50 mm tubing)

Step 3

  • Raise the roof using the hydraulic double-mast lifting mechanism.
  • 32′ x 24′ or 32′ x 32′ fully covered (9.8 m x 7.3 m) or (9.8 m x 9.8 m)
  • Up to 56′ x 36′ (17 m x 11 m) with extension platforms


Promotional Visibility:

  • Vertical banner supports: 12′ x 18’11” (3,7m x 5,8m)
  • Horizontal banner supports: 4′ x 33’5″ or 46’1″ (1,2m x 10,2m or 14m)



  • Screen support: Heavy duty aluminium rooftop frame.
  • Raise and lower screen to desired height
  • Capacity: 4,500 lbs (2,040 kg).





  • Sound wings – standard 1 ton rigging beams line-array rigging kit
  • Structural trusses are standard 2″ (50 mm) tubing
  • Permanent grid structure with 4 additional roof pipes
  • 4 overhang pipes
  • Canopy
  • Double mast lifting mechanim
  • Vertical gooseneck
  • Floor surface clear of hydraulic arms positioned underneath
  • Hydraulic stabilizers
  • Individual control levers
  • Stage reversibility : upstage and downstage can be reversible for hard to access sites.
  • Windwalls: slide in aluminium track for easier installation and tighter fit. Clean look.
  • Aluminium platform with extruded edge

Set-up Time:1 hour

1 certified stage operator / 1 stagehand

Double Mast Roof Lifting System Capacity
8 000 lbs
3 630 kg
Load Bearing Capacity
16 000 lbs
7 260 kg
12 000 lbs
5 450 kg
Sound wings
4 000 lbs
1 800 kg