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The V-DOSC speaker system. This 120,000 watt state-of-the-art system is complete with a proprietary flying system and is powered by L-Acoustics LA8’s, LA4’s, LA48a amplifiers. Among the many things that make this system so attractive is that by using computers, it’s actually focused, like lighting, to the venue’s dimensions. With minimal db looses of just over -10db over 200 metres, the V-DOSC speaker system is the most productive system out there. Two trained technicians can set up one stack, from two fly points, in under 30 minutes. What does all of this mean for you? Shorter set up time, minimal cabinets and less trucking space will equal major savings on your touring costs.

Join the ranks of Van Halen, Supertramp, Rod Stewart and Metallica who are all currently touring with the V-DOSC speaker system.

  • L’Acoustics  V-DOSC
  • L Acoustic Kara
  • L Acoustic SB18
  • L’Acoustics  dV-DOSC
  • L’Acoustics   SB218
  • L’Acoustics   SB28
  • L’Acoustics   ARCS
  • L’Acoustics   KIVA/KILO
  • L’Acoustics   HiQ-115
  • L’Acoustics  MTD 112
  • L’Acoustics  MTD 108
  • Extensive AVID Console Inventory, including S3L, S6L  Sc48’s and Profile’s
  • EV and 12 AM monitor wedges
  • Shure & Sennheiser wireless and IEM’s
  • Midas Pro2s
  • Midas Heritage 3000
  • Midas Heritage 4000
  • Large and small format (analog and digital)
  • Adamson Metrix
  • VTC line array