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Concert Touring:

Metalworks Production Group’s production systems for concerts balance the big, loud, over-the-top sound and visuals of concerts with the rich audio fidelity and dramatic art direction found in live theater. This translates into a more dynamic, yet intimate audience experience. Focused on the needs of the FOH engineer, lighting designer and chief electrician, Metalworks Productions provides a vast and diverse inventory of professional equipment supported by dedicated technicians.

Many of the brilliant artists and producers we’ve been fortunate enough to work with have recorded some of the world’s most memorable music at our sister company, Metalworks Studios. The strong relationships we enjoy with the top management companies and talent agencies, as well as leading record, film and publishing companies, have allowed Metalworks Production Group to be a part of that story for over 30 years.

Metalworks Production Group is your single-source, turnkey solution for conceiving, producing, shooting, editing, and authoring concert DVDs. In partnership with Metalworks Studios, whose vast catalogue of titles and depth of experience are unrivaled, we provide a truly one-stop shop for live event DVD production.

Metalworks Production Group is a full service Live Event Company.  In addition to state-of-the-art Audio and Lighting rental agreements, we also offer our clients:

  • Location Power
  • Theme Décor and Room Lighting
  • Full Show Production
  • Equipment Rental
  • Trucking and Transport
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Service Technicians

These are just a few of the many services we can provide.  Utilizing the best in current technology, skilled technical staff, and a wide range of related production services allows us to offer our clients all of the necessary elements for successful show production under one roof.