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Portable Staging:

Staging risers by Smartstage have been designed with our clients requirements and demands in mind, dependability and toughness being key. Minmal parts required for assembly, modular, maximum resistance to corrosion, and designed for moving, our clients tell us that Smartstage stage risers are simply best in the business.

• Unique built in leg adjuster pin.
• Fast fold set-up, no loose parts
• Rated for 150 Lbs per Sq. ft.
• Variable height.
• Compatible with other systems.
• Indoor or outdoor use.

Fewer Parts Required for Setup

A unique design, requiring fewer support structures for setting up a stage, saves staging setup time, storage space, transportation costs and labour fees. It enables crew to install and change configuration easily and with flexibility.

When setup of the staging riser base is complete, other dressings can easility can be be applied to the stage for finishing. Skirting is easily slipped into place, with a railing simply clamped on. Smartstage riser stairs are easily added to the stage, as are ramps and other accessorries.

Fast Fold Frame

The staging riser fastfold frame allows for quick setup, folding out easily for setup, and quickly folded to be stored. Each leg allows for multi-leveling, allowing for changes in the height of ground support for the stage.

The top of each leg support provides an extension, allowing the height to be raised or lowered, and then simply locked into place with a spring loaded pin. The top of the extension allows for the unique Smartstage support node, which easily slips in the top; from a simple single support node, up to a four point node.


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